10 Things Football Taught Me About Love 

​Today marks one of my my favourite days of the year- it’s the Superbowl! People who know me personally know that football is pretty much one of maybe 5 things that I live for on this Earth. I mean cmon- the rush you get when your team wins is one that can’t be beat (not like I would know or anything, I’m a Bills fan😭). 

Nonetheless, growing up being exposed to football all my life has shaped who I am today. And more importantly , I think it’s taught me some pretty concrete truths about love.

1. Relationships are a team effort

It’s true what they say- relationships won’t work unless both people involved put in effort. Just as you can’t expect your quarterback alone to carry the team , you sure as hell can’t have one person carrying the success of the relationship on their shoulders. 

2. Sometimes what you think is “a catch”  actually isn’t.  

*We can thank Dez Bryant  and the NFL’s lack of common sense for this one * 

At first glance , a potential prospect of yours may seem like the perfect partner. They’re smart. Funny. Crazy attractive. Caring. Great with kids. But then, you find out that they don’t like cats. And that my friend,  is when it’s game over.

3. Cheaters tend to finish first.

Just like Brady and the Pats, people who cheat often get away with it. Unlike Brady and the Pats, most guys I know who have done so didn’t have any balls to deflate in the first place. 

4. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. 

There’s a reason you get four downs in football. You’re not expected to get those 10 yards on the first shot, just like you don’t have to find a love that works right away either. If it didn’t work the first couple times , pick yourself up and get yourself back out onto into the game.

5. Support is everything.  

Just like coaches and leaders motivate the players to go out and do their best, support should be central to any relationship you find yourself in. Be each other’s cheerleaders and inspire one another to kick some ass.

6. Play to your strengths and inspire yourself to push forward.

Nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, just like a football team does. You may be good at stopping the run but absolutely horrible at running the ball yourself. Does that mean you’re not good enough ? Fuck no. 

7. Even yellow flags can be telling of some danger. 

We always try our best to avoid anyone with red flags when it comes to relationships. We don’t want someone who is with someone else. We don’t want someone who shows signs of abusive behaviour. But sometimes signs of potential danger aren’t so cut and dry. Sometimes it’s those iffy things they do, that you never paid attention to, that can send you back 15 yards. 

8. Sometimes , it’s the little things you do for your partner that make all the difference.

Not every drive has to end with a touchdown. Sometimes 3’s are just as good as 7’s. They add up and sometimes are the difference between a win and a loss. So don’t think you need to shower your partner with extravagant gestures of love 24/7. Most likely, it’s the little things you do to make them smile every day that can make all the difference.  

9. You won’t be able to win every single argument with your partner. 

People don’t always see eye to eye. Arguments will come up. But sometimes it’s not about whose right and whose wrong. Sometimes the call doesn’t have to be confirmed or overruled, it simply stands. 

10. You can go from being someone’s starter to being their benchwarmer in the blink of an eye. 

Don’t find yourself into the same pickle Romo did. Not all players wear jerseys, but most of them have enough plays in their playbooks to last a life time. Don’t mistaken yourself for being their MVP when you’ve been their fifth-string all along. 

Are you going to be watching the big game ? Let me know in the comments. Good luck to everyone- except for Pats fans of course😂! 


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