Daddy Issues? 10 Things I Learned From My Dad 

​In spirit of my dad’s birthday , I thought I’d take the cheap road this year and dedicate a post to him instead of buying him an actual present( #daughteroftheyear). But hey , anything’s better than last year’s homemade “coupon book” , right ? 

I guess you can say that I’ve been pretty blessed to have a dad that I also consider as one of best friends. I know that might sound pretty pathetic to some (even my dad thinks so), but it’s the truth. Ever since I was little , he’s been one of the only people to be there for me no matter what. 

Don’t get me wrong , my dad is by no means perfect and I like to remind him of this fact every day. He can be an asshole when he wants to be ( which is most of the time ) and he’s probably fucked up my life permanently.  

But would I want it any other way? Fuck no. I can’t even imagine how much more shitty my life would be had I not had a dad like him. So, to say happy birthday in the most inexpensive way possible, here’s a thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 10 Things I Learned From My Dad.

1. Life is like learning how to ride a bicycle. Sometimes you have to fall flat on your face and eat pavement while your dad yells at you from afar, before you can learn from your mistakes. 

2. A wilder beast is a real animal ( and apparently I lool like one , thanks dad  😑). 

3. Pursue what YOU love, not what society tells you to pursue.

4.Football is the best sport out there ( but only when your team isn’t already down by 21 in the 1st quarter ). 

5. Learning how to drive with your dad will almost always , end up in tears.  

6. Speaking of tears , it’s okay to cry during emotional movies ( * cough * The Smurfs *cough*)

7. Life is too short to waste your time on people that don’t bring you happiness ( actually , don’t waste your time on people at all, food is where it’s at. Never heard of chicken wings that fuck you over.) 

8. Be wary of making bets against someone who has a pretty good track record ( fyi the garbage bin is grey, not black).

9. Own up to your actions and admit when you’re wrong ( but if anyone asks, tell them you’re always right). 

10. Your worth doesn’t depend on your status or income – it’s what’s on the inside that counts ( and if that’s shitty too, then you’re pretty much fucked) .

I might not say this often , but I owe every part of who I am to my dad. I definitely wouldn’t be the annoying piece of shit I am without him ( I learned from the best I guess).


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