Lesson #16 : No Such Thing As A Mistake ?

One final reminiscence on 2016 and we can finally leave the past where it belongs. Looking back at this year , there are a lot of things that didn’t necessarily end off the way I wanted them too. There are things I did that I wish I didn’t, just as there are things I should’ve done , but couldn’t bring myself to do. I said things that I quickly regretted  just as much as I failed to find the right words to say at the right times.

I spent a lot of this year wishing I could have changed things. Focusing on how things may have been different if I had the power to go back in time and get a do-over. Yet , after much self- loathing and beating myself up, I finally realized that maybe things happened exactly the way they were supposed to.

Call it destiny or call it fate, but I truly believe that we all have a plan. I’m not saying that our lives are somewhat set in stone , but I believe that the decisions we make are made for a reason. Even though we may not currently understand why things transpire the way they do , there will come a day when everything will finally make sense.

So, what good would going back in time do ? We can choose to focus on the “what if’s” or we can choose to focus on the “what now’s”. To reflect on what exactly every experience , especially the bad ones , have to teach us.


In retrospect, is anything ever a mistake? Ask my parents and they’ll quickly tell you mistakes are very real and usually come in the form of unwanted children 🙋. Putting the thoughts of my ever-so loving family aside, mistakes really aren’t mistakes at all.

Sometimes, they teach us more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. They show us what we do and don’t want our future to look like. And most importantly, they allow us to grow into the people we were always meant to become.


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