Lesson #11: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”  -someone on Pinterest

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all fear something. Spiders. Heights. Drowning. Death. Or my personal favourite – failing. Whatever it is, our fears are a part of who we are. Some may be irrational , while others make perfectly good sense. 

Which got me thinking : Is there such a thing as being FEARLESS ( and no , not the Taylor Swift song I used to blast when I was fifteen and “in love”)?  More importantly , if being fearless is somehow attainable , would I want to be? 

I’ve always resented my fears. They’ve stopped me from trying new things and have made me live in the same comfort zone that I’ve been in my entire life. But , at the same time I think they keep me in check. I’m not going to jump into the middle of the ocean , even though I can’t swim , just because I want to prove that “I can do anything”. I would have probably been dead a long time ago if I had that mentality. Hell, even when I get the smallest of adrenaline rushes to try something a bit reckless , I end up falling flat on my face, sprawled out like an idiot for all to see ( side note : don’t jump off of rocks when carrying a lot of things in your hand and being drunk – it won’t end well , trust me). 

What I’m getting at , is I think there’s a difference between being reckless and being fearless. To be reckless is to be carefree – to not think about the consequences that will arise from your actions. Drunk driving , let’s say, is not an act of fearlessness- it’s just plain reckless( and stupid). 

What I’ve learned in 2016, is that you have to pick and choose which fears to cling onto and which ones to let go of. If something you’re afraid of is saving you from a potentially dangerous situation- odds are it’s a good one to keep. But , if it’s causing you a lot of distress or unhappiness,  or is somehow interfering with living your life – it’s time to let go.


Watch every superhero movie known to man and you’ll realize that even they have something they’re afraid of. What’s important is that they don’t let these fears hold them back from fighting for what they believe in. They embrace their fears and risk their lives for the good of humanity. 

We may not have the weight of saving the world on our shoulders, but we do have the weight of saving ourselves and those most important to us. When it comes down to it, we must decide which battles are worth the risk and those which are not. What will we be brave enough to stand up for ? What is worth being fearless for ?


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