First Blog Post. Shit, This Is Scary.

Well. Hi.

If you’re new to this blog (like I am), welcome.

I guess I’ll start off by explaining what I’m doing here, or more importantly , what you’re doing here.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I can’t imagine what I would do without words.  Like many of you can probably relate, writing lets me be me- something I find pretty hard to do on a daily. And because of this, I’ve never shared my words with anyone. So starting this blog is a huge step for me, but I’m excited. I can’t really say what this blog will be about because I truly haven’t got a clue. I can, however, guarantee that it will be a place where I can be as blatantly honest to myself as possible. Which brings me to the reason that you’re here…

Maybe I’m being a bit too cliché here, but I hope that something on this blog inspires you to be YOU too. If something on here makes just one person smile or giggle , then I know publicly embarrassing myself has been all worth while. 


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