16 Things I Learned in 2016 

What. A . Fucking. Year. It. Has. Been.

I mean that in the most negative sense possible. I don’t know how many more things could have went wrong for me , or even the world this year ( cough , cough Donald Trump is the fucking president ?!). Seeing as though there are still a couple weeks left of this horrendous shit show,  let’s not test the universe any farther. What is done is done. All that is left to do is buy into the same cliché “New Year , New Me ” bullshit we fall for every year , as we hope and pray next year will magically solve all of our problems. It’s funny because you never hear someone say , ” Man, 2016 has been so good to me, I don’t know how next year will possibly top this”. Why? Could everyone possibly have had as miserable a year as I had ?

 I hope you all have experienced nothing but rainbows and sunshine this year. But if you didn’t,  don’t worry -you’re definitely not alone. What I realized this year though, is that sulking won’t change anything. Sure, this year could have been way better, but it also could have gone a lot worse. It’s all about perspective. The way I see it, the bad years can be sometimes even more important than the good ones. For one, I know that 2016 has taught me more about myself than I’ve learned in the past 20 years on this planet. 

So , instead of complaining and drinking my sadness away while watching New Years Eve for the 128437th time, I decided to take each of the last couple days of the year to  reflect on what very little good came out of 2016. 


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